Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Pilates helps strengthen, firm and lengthen every part of your body. A unique combination of movement that combines stabilization, concentration, flow, breath, and precision, in a Pilates class, you will learn to experience movement using proper muscle groups with focus, control and form.

Here at Apex Pilates, we are all committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you are new to the studio, we recommend that you discuss your fitness level and goals with one of our certified teachers in order for us to help you create an efficient program tailored to fit your needs.  Once starting to incorporate Pilates into your routine, you can expect to feel a difference in your body after about a month of consistent practice.  Most of our clients attend group classes or take private sessions 2-3 times per week.  The frequency of exercise is important when you are first learning the technique and establishing a regular practice. We recommend that new clients attend classes 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks in order to establish a solid foundation and to achieve the best results.  Below are various descriptions of some of our Pilates group class offerings.


On-Going Class Offerings-ONLINE

Pilates Mat will challenge your core strength and stability. Special attention is given to the abdominals, inner thighs, back and glute muscles. You will quickly realize why Pilates is referred to as the “science of control”……Contrology! Expect a more efficient golf swing, an improved tennis game, better posture, and a more positive outlook on life!

  • Mat – All Levels
  • Advanced Mat
  • Reformer on the Mat 
  • Mat Sculpt 
  • Mat with Theraband
  • Math with Magic Circle

Pilates Equipment Classes

  • Pilates Tower  – Do you want to take your mat class to the next level? This class is limited to 6 participants and is often a client’s first experience on equipment. The tower, or half Cadillac, is a great piece of apparatus for students of all levels seeking to engage their powerhouse on a deeper level.
  • Pilates Reformer – The Reformer…referred to by some of our new clients call it the “Transformer”.  Come experience the benefits a of a complete session on this beautiful piece of equipment.
  • Pilates Apparatus – A solid workout on the different Pilates apparatus…a brilliant way to align, invigorate, and tone your body!  Experiences students only. Reformer, chair, and more.
  • Pilates Apparatus/Jumpboard – Pilates Reformer with the use of the Jump Board…this is Pilates combined with cardio.   Pilates Jump board is a nice Segway into the reformer.  The exercises are challenging but less complicated then our pure Pilates Reformer classes! Experienced students only. If you are new to our studio, please sign up for a Private Session.
  • Pilates For Life – Pilates is for every BODY – Pilates is for LIFE!  Pilates for Life is a class designed for those over 65 OR for those looking for a slower paced class. The participants have the opportunity to work on the Pilates apparatus for a 45 minute class at the same rate as our mat classes.  The pace of this class may be slower but the focus is spot on.  We LOVE this crew!  Spaces fill quickly so pre-registration is key!

Other Class Offerings-CURRENTLY ONLINE

TRX 40 – This challenging class uses suspension and your own body weight to challenge and strengthen your whole body. Our classes have no jumping or high impact moves, so sneakers are not needed. Indoor shoes, non-skid socks or bare feet are welcomed when taking TRX class.

Physique40– Physique is one of our signature workouts.  It’s a 40-minute signature workout fusing cardio and resistance training in an elegant style. This class is designed to tighten, sculpt, and transform the body. Physique will target those trouble areas such as the triceps, thighs, glutes & abdominals and promises to deliver the results you have been looking for. Please wear socks with grip and bring water and a sweat towel.